I don't think I need to tell you who I am, but in case you've been living under a rock for your whole life I'm Darren Gantz. Yes, the Darren Gantz. It's okay to swoon.

Yeah, Jay Leno's mom has heard of me.

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I feel like there have been others, but when you travel the world you start to loose track of it all. Besides the past is in the past, lets make some new memories this summer?

Sounds perfect. I have most of the summer off before I start touring and have to focus on my career again.


I’m sure we will, have we been to Ibiza together yet? You would love it.

I don’t remember. Have we been to Ibiza yet? I think just Miami and, hmm, where else?


Well, who knows where any member of my family is, so yes, I’m leaving the first chance I get. 

Well have to meet up sometime later on.



Leaving the first chance you’ve gotten?

Are you hanging around?

For a few days. My entire family’s come and my mom insists on seeing everything.


I think it’s time for Ibiza, adios Easton

Leaving the first chance you’ve gotten?


For Darren Gantz, the man, the enigma, the egotistical asshole:

Darren, I’m not entirely sure we ever held a real conversation, but nevertheless I am sad to be leaving you behind. You will always be my claim to fame, and I will cherish the memory of the past year we spent not talking to each other in a dark, dismal part of my heart. 

Here’s a mirror to hang on the wall of your future home. I hope that when your career starts it’s hideous downward spiral, you will be able to live out your crippling insanity by clinging onto the fractured remains of your former life that this mirror supplies you with. 


Wow Kit, I’m really not sure what to say to such a lovely message.


I’ll try and remember that when we inevitably run into each other at a coffee house or something in the future and both try to pretend we don’t know who the other person is.

It’s going to be hard to pretend not to know me. Everyone will.


I think it’d be rather difficult to forget someone you dated.

There’s your answer then.


I’d hope I made the count.

I’ll settle for a simple hello at graduation then.

What do you think?